Professional manufacturing equipment

必威体育在线betway       Liuqiao Group boasts more than 30 feather sorting machines of various specifications from single compartment to 6 compartments, 14 full-automatic down rising machines, and 8 heaping machines. These are a solid foundation for processing of excellent down and feather.

Efficient manufacturing process

必威体育在线betway        Liuqiao Group has more than 3,000 imported sewing machines of various types, nearly 200 large quilters and other professional manufacturing and processing equipment. It has invested 200 million yuan to build a home textiles manufacturing and processing workshop integrating tailoring, sewing, inspection, test, and warehousing, and has introduced CAD computer design system, OCIMA full-automatic cloth inspecting machine and other cutting-edge equipment. This guarantees the manufacturing equipment and manufacturing level of the Company is giving rise a efficient manufacturing process.

Testing Center

A CNAS-approved feather and down testing center

        The Down and Down Product Testing Center of Liuqiao Group was established in 2002, covering an area of 800 square meters. The Center boasts advanced testing capacity in the domestic down industry. In May 2013, the Center was approved by CNAS. It is equipped with more than 40 sets of professional testing equipment, among which there is the constant temperature and humidity system, filling power tester, duck and goose analyzer, thermostat water bath, full-automatic testing machine of shrinkage rate, color fastness frictiograph, digital fabric porosity tester. The equipment is worth more than 5 million yuan. The Center also enjoys professional technologies, as well as a team with excellent testing capacity, and the ability to provide testing services for customers in a fast and accurate manner.

Sewage Treatment System

The sewage cyclic utilization rate exceeds 90%

Liuqiao Group has always been environment-oriented and sticks to green development. It has invested more than 22 million yuan to build a sewage circular treatment system to reuse the purified wa

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